Auction Results, LLC is a full service Charity Auction Fundraising company. In addition to providing expert charity auctioneer services designed to keep your guests entertained and giving at the same time, we are engaged as your non-profit’s key consultant relating to all aspects of your live charity auction. We provide proven techniques that will assist your group to raise more money.

"On behalf of the St. Cecilia Gala Committee, we wish to send our heartfelt thanks for all the time and energy you put into our event over the past year. Your early consultations when we first spoke and all the emails and phone calls since, allowed us to closely model our already successful event into a more “Auction Results model”! It was the most successful charity event we have ever had for St. Cecilia School in over 85 years of existence.

The results - from last year without your guidance, to this year with it - are quite revealing … in addition to being a fantastic consultant, amazing showman, and expert auctioneer, our Endowment Fund is now over $200,000 ahead as a result of the changes we made based on your consultation."

Darryl Bennett
Gala Co-chair
St. Cecilia School & Parish

At Auction Results, LLC, we work with and motivate your staff and committee, assist in marketing and promotion, work with you on guest and donor development, assist you in finding the right packages to be auctioned and most importantly develop winning strategies for increasing your financial returns from the charity fundraising auction. Our guidance and insight will be invaluable to anyone planning a fundraising event.

We are dedicated to "Raising Funds by Raising Hands"® for charitable organizations and have developed a superior charity auction company to promote this concept.

Auction Results Works With:

  • Universities

  • Clubs

  • Civic Groups

  • Theaters

  • Political Causes

  • Environmental Concerns

  • Sportsman Organizations

  • Art Groups

  • Healthcare

  • 501 (c)(3) Organizations

  • Private Schools

  • Public Schools

  • Special Events

  • Capital Campaigns

  • Foundations

  • Churches

  • Synagogues

  • Museums

  • Fraternal Organizations

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"We raised almost $300,000 in just over 20 minutes”

-Glenwood School for Boys &   Girls